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If you work day and night, you will lose your health.昼夜兼行で働くと身体を壊すよ。
The editor and publisher of this magazine was criticized by some readers.この雑誌の編集者兼出版社が一部の読者から批判された。
Today I'm shopping in town as well as running an errand for my grandmother.今日は、ばーさんのお使いを兼ねて街で買い物。
I also use this study for receiving guests.この書斎は客間兼用だ。
We sometimes combine going for a drive with eating the ramen we love so.私達は時々、ドライブを兼ねて大好きなラーメンを食べに行きます。
She is as wise as fair.才色兼備だ。
I want to get a job that mixes work and play.私は勉強と遊びを兼ねている仕事につきたい。
It might be a bit big but this envelope will do just fine. It's better to be too big than too small.ちょっと大きいけど、この封筒でいいや。大は小を兼ねるって言うし。
I cannot come up to your request.ご要望にお応えし兼ねます。
Kaneko was so stressed out at her new job that she had a nervous breakdown.兼子は新しい仕事で非常に緊張して、神経衰弱にかかってしまった。
She is as clever as she is beautiful.彼女は才色兼備だ。
Tom never felt comfortable expressing his own opinion.トムは気兼ねすることなく自分の意見を述べたことがない。
The editor and publisher is my cousin.編集者兼出版社である人は私のいとこです。
The person who wrote that book is possessed of both humour and wit, isn't he?その本を書いた人は、機知とユーモアを兼ね備えた人だね。
He is a novelist and artist.彼は小説家兼画家である。
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