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The past indicative mood is actions completed in the past (I ate, I worked etc) and also for the equivalent of the past perfect in English (I have eaten, I have worked etc)

taberu I ate, I have eaten
miru I saw, I have seen

How to conjugate the Japanese present indicative tense

Class 1 / c-stem verbsPositiveNegative
Plain Change final syllable of past present
Final syllableChange to
u, tsu, ru tta
mu, u, bu nda
ku ita
gu ida
su shita
stem + anakatta
Polite change present tense "masu" to "mashita" Polite present negative + deshita
Class 2 / v-stem verbsPositiveNegative
Plain stem + ta stem + nakatta
Polite Change present tense "masu" to "mashita" Polite present negative + deshita

Example sentences for Japanese past indicative tense

Examples for past indicative
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