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Ultra Handy Kanji:

see, hopes, chances, idea, opinion, look at, visible

Kanji data is provided courtesy of a download from the KANJIDIC Project - thanks dudes!

Stroke Count 7 Grade 1 Frequency 22
SKIP Code 2-5-2 Four Corner 6021.0
Bushu 147 Classical Bushu

Japanese Verbs related to Kanji character

to lookmiru見る2Conjugate
to be visible, able to seemieru見える2Conjugate
to showmiseru見せる2Conjugate
to stand guard, keep lookoutmiharu見張る1Conjugate
to look upon, considerminasu見做す1Conjugate
to overlook, let passminogasu見逃す1Conjugate
to be foundmitsukaru見つかる1Conjugate
to findmitsukeru見つける2Conjugate

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