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The passive voice is used when what would normally be the object of a sentence becomes the subject. Eg instead of "Fred broke the window" the passive would be "the Window was broken by Fred"

Heads up! Although the passive tense is grammatically possible it is not often used with some verbs and in some cases it could sound weird

my car was stolen kuruma ga nusumaremashita
the book was written last year sono hon wa kyonen kakeremashita

How to conjugate the Japanese passive voice

Class 1 / c-stem verbsPositiveNegative
Plain stem + areru stem + arenai
Polite stem + aremasu stem + aremasen
Class 2 / v-stem verbsPositiveNegative
Plain stem + rareru stem + rarenai
Polite stem + raremasu stem + raremasen

Example sentences for Japanese passive voice

Example sentences