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less than 8 words 8 to 10 words location 11 to 13 words imperative male name request present simple 5 syllables female name 4 syllables country 6 syllables weather duration 7 syllables past simple language SVC SVO desire city sports relatives advice 8 syllables ability British spelling of Mr comparison 3 syllables frequency time 9 syllables family name 2 sentences romance offer alcoholic drinks musical instrument proverb dialogue 10 syllables as ... as obligation ignorance permission likes idiom SV purpose year reason age suggestion names of 2 people future 11 syllables tea party passive tag question certainty dislikes directions exclamative possibility stranded preposition present continuous restaurant prediction necessity regret invitation not a sentence, should be deleted preference shopping future simple 2 syllables death hospital ambiguous apology hotel 12 syllables money British English 2 countries telephone measurement parting Christmas job health compound sentence greeting food old-fashioned 13 syllables date fact archaic at the table war appreciation American English Spelling present perfect SVOO non-standard spelling female speaker crime animals number bar negotiation travel transportation reprimand courtroom proverb-like stereotype compliment British spelling 'ou' robot SVOC school American English Vocabulary non-sentence doubled words simile US State British English Vocabulary from the Bible dentist 1 word command past continuous quote border crossing taxi American English unisex name Betty ownership @change music airport opinion idiomatic expression asking about language possession less than natural colloquial 14 syllables childbirth Lie disease introduction baseball not a sentence 14 to 16 words phrasal verb jealousy 15 syllables warning possible copyright violation color gift historical fact loan word from Japanese clothes controversial price toast incomplete sentence clarification problem British spelling nickname nationality airplane most important phrases delete philosophy Internet-related encouragement sign Bible translated-proverb fast food pet 16 syllables maths train farm genders in English complaint quantity funnily tagged gas station bank military

Heads Up These sentences are mainly from the Tanaka Corpus and Tatoeaba project. Read more