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Example sentences including '凄い'

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Among my cousins, you know, there's a girl with the most enormous breasts.従姉妹にはね、もの凄いボインボインな子がいるんだよ?
That's amazing!そいつは凄い!
It's incredible!そいつは凄い!
That's awesome, right?それって凄いこと?
Amsterdam is amazing!アムステルダムが凄いだよ。
Amazing! That your mother speaks 6 languages.それは凄いね!君のお母さん6ヶ国も話すなんて。
A great light was diffused over the baseball stadium.凄い明かりが野球場にあたっていた。
Amazing! This moving a story is a first for me! It's truly an epic among epics!凄いです!こんな感動的な話は初めてです!まさに美談の中の美談です!
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