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Verb Class1 ~ Godan ~ 五段
Stemyor -
Te formyotte
    depend on, be based on, will depend on, be based on don't depend on, be based on, won't depend on, be based on
Present Indicative Plain yoru yoranai
Polite yorimasu yorimasen
    lets depend on, be based on, will probably depend on, be based on let's not depend on, be based on, probably won't depend on, be based on
Presumptive \ Volitional Plain yorō
yoru darō
yoranai darō
Polite yorimashō
yoru deshō
yoranai deshō
    depend on, be based on! don't depend on, be based on!
Imperative Plain yore yoru na
Politeyotte kudasai yoranai de kudasai
Past Indicative Plain yotta yoranakatta
Polite yorimashita yorimasen deshita
Past Presumptive Plain yottarō
yotta darō
yoranakatta darō
Polite yotta deshō yoranakatta deshō
Present Progressive Plain yotte iru
Polite yotte imasu yotte imasen
Past Progressive Plain yotte ita
Polite yotte imashita yotte imasen deshita
Provisional Conditional eba Plain yoreba yoranakereba
Polite n/a n/a
Conditional (-tara form) Plain yottara yoranakattara
Polite yorimashitara yorimasen deshitara
Potential Plain yoreru yorenai
Polite yoremasu yoremasen
Causative Plain yoraseru yorasenai
Polite yorasemasu yorasemasen
Passive Plain yorareru yorarenai
Polite yoraremasu yoraremasen
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