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Verb Class1 ~ Godan ~ 五段
Stemazaker -
Te formazakette
    ridicule, will ridicule don't ridicule, won't ridicule
Present Indicative Plain azakeru azakeranai
Polite azakerimasu azakerimasen
    lets ridicule, will probably ridicule let's not ridicule, probably won't ridicule
Presumptive \ Volitional Plain azakerō
azakeru darō
azakeranai darō
Polite azakerimashō
azakeru deshō
azakeranai deshō
    ridicule! don't ridicule!
Imperative Plain azakere azakeru na
Politeazakette kudasai azakeranai de kudasai
Past Indicative Plain azaketta azakeranakatta
Polite azakerimashita azakerimasen deshita
Past Presumptive Plain azakettarō
azaketta darō
azakeranakatta darō
Polite azaketta deshō azakeranakatta deshō
Present Progressive Plain azakette iru
Polite azakette imasu azakette imasen
Past Progressive Plain azakette ita
Polite azakette imashita azakette imasen deshita
Provisional Conditional eba Plain azakereba azakeranakereba
Polite n/a n/a
Conditional (-tara form) Plain azakettara azakeranakattara
Polite azakerimashitara azakerimasen deshitara
Potential Plain azakereru azakerenai
Polite azakeremasu azakeremasen
Causative Plain azakeraseru azakerasenai
Polite azakerasemasu azakerasemasen
Passive Plain azakerareru azakerarenai
Polite azakeraremasu azakeraremasen
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